About Us

Brick’s River Cafe is first and foremost a family run business. Brick and Jennifer Gibson were employed for the past five years by one of Houston’s Premier Special Event Facilities. Jennifer, Brick’s wife, coordinated weddings and saw them through from start to finish. Brick orchestrated the event and made sure the food and its preparation was done to perfection. After receiving a Culinary Degree, Brick worked in Las Vegas for four years for one of the largest food distributors in the country.

When Brick’s mom and dad, Sidney and Debby Gibson bought their land in Bandera and made plans to move to the Blue Hills, Brick and Jennifer began thinking how amazing it would be to raise their sons in this beautiful area.

The rest is history. Mom and Dad joined Brick and Jennifer in April 2006 and they bought this very special restaurant on the Medina River. They are profoundly grateful to the employees that have ridden with them through the winds of change and all the customers that have asked, “When will the new menu be ready, Brick?”

Visitor or neighbor, our goal is to give you a warm welcome, friendly service with a smile and a wonderful meal in a great atmosphere. We thank you Bandera, you have greeted us with open arms.